A Variety of Items are Available:
These are a few sample items we have available for sale. Click on each picture for a larger view, then navigate with "next" or "previous" at the top of the page.
Themed Mousepads.JPG

Themed Mousepads


Sun Visor

Assorted Sunvisors.jpg

Stylish, Comfortable Reversable Sun Visors

Sewphie's Spring Collection 2005.jpg

Sewphie's Collection


Round, Scalloped Bowls


Playful Styles

2007-05-03 19-26.jpg

Opened Bauble Bag Displaying Pockets

2007-05-03 19-25.jpg

Opened & Closed Bauble Bags

Matching Checkbooks & Business Card Holders.JPG

Matching Checkbooks & Business Card Holders

Luggage Tag.JPG

Luggage Tag in Action

2007-03-28 20-47.jpg

Keep Things By the Door

2007-03-28 19-50.jpg

Handy for Doggy or Kitty Treats

Eyeglass Cases.JPG

Eyeglass Cases

Eye Catching Luggage Tags.JPG

Eye Catching Luggage Tags


Everything from Bowls to Checkbook Covers

2007-03-28 19-38.jpg

Decorative & Functional

2007-03-28 19-53.jpg

Convenient for Personal Items


Bea's Collection

2007-05-03 19-59.jpg

Bauble Bag Surrounded By Checkbook Covers

2007-05-03 19-26-01.jpg

Bauble Bag Display


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